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I have dealt with IOC® brokers and used their Management, Sales or Leasing department. They are head and shoulders above them all. Keep up the good work.
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IOC® licenses (Agents) are Brokers with years of experience that will be applied to enhancing the value of your property.
The goals of IOC® are to offer real estate services to any Individual or Corporation that wants to;


The goals of IOC® if the property is selling for a Loss or Profit is for any Individual or Corporation to maximize the profit or minimize the loss.


IOC® provides knowledge and techniques for leasing that only highly experienced licensees have found invaluable. Leasing properties is a process...a lot of ideas and knowledge that combine into a successful lease agreement that meets the needs of all the parties involved including the investors.


Many landlords manage properties on their own, while for others, a resident manager or a property management company makes good business sense for Individuals or Corporations in FACILITY Management of Industrial, Office or Commercial investments.

IOC® Property management is the operation, control, and oversight to provide the best and highest return to the investors.


One IOC® purpose for this page is to help any property investor whether Individual or Corporation to use this space to advertise their property INVESTMENT FOR SALE or FOR LEASE ... Contact:

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Getting Started or Call: 316-303-2968.

Getting Started or Call: 316-303-2968.

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Mortgage License Renewal Applications Up
|National Mortgage News

by Colin Wilhelm; DEC 4, 2014

The State Regulatory Registry, which runs the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System, says that mortgage loan originator and company renewals for 2015 are off to a strong start.

As of the end of last month 57.2% of all lenders licensed within the system have applied for renewals, about 3.3% higher than at the same time last year and 66% of licensed financial institutions have applied for renewal.

In addition, 65% of the state-licensed MLOs have completed their continuing education requirements.

A total of 13,615 companies, 17,420 branches and 129,492 individual licensees have applied for and received renewals.

More Deals ...

Today's Real Estate News - Omaha NE SOLD

Today's News ...

2016 Millennial's have to do better research or hire a Broker to assist them in the purchase of a home / house to live or invest that is 100,000's of thousand of dollars.

A city Council told the buyers they couldn't live in the home as a group or get a special permit because the home is not zoned properly.

They purchased a house (an investment) that was not usable for them. ...
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More Office Deals ...

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More Industrial Deals ...

Hard to find good industrial property in Omaha ... great cast iron plant had to move out of the city and county ....
Such investments are good ... be careful now and understand the zoning of the investment as to what type or kind of tenants that the property can be leased to.

Recent Industrial Investment News

A large steel casting company with dozen of employees had to leave Douglas County Omaha NE after starting up a 100 years ago. What kind of jobs will replace the lost ones as Omaha's unemployment is about 4%. SOLD

More Commercial Deals ...

Today's Investment News
Such investments are good ... be careful as some investment could leave you ten to 25 per cent vacant in less than 12 to 24 months as some spaces have been vacant for 48 months or more ... know your location and rental ranges and small business up starts supply and demand ... fewer up starts of small mom and pops because of limited bank financing. SOLD

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Deals Here ...

To help you be successful the IOC® "PDIF" TOOL should be used ... get it here!

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Condos In Omaha ... Deals Here

Condos have been hard pressed since the banking crash in September 2008. Certain developments are under water themselves and have moved to rent at very low prices ... NOW if you are thing of buying a condo do not be afraid to offer a much lower price ... a 1200 sq. ft. house is still much cheaper to own for now ... Over excitement will cost you ...


Today's Investments

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Insulted Membrane/Coating Systems Applied like a roof paint but capable of achieving unrivalled insulation, restorative and maintenance-free results. Ideal for steel roofing and any metal roof surface, also concrete, asphalt and asbestos; also used for waterproofing. [Note: Dept. of Commerce now specifies Insultec for Government projects for heat reflective paint.]

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At IOC®, we are always looking for talented, client-focused individuals to join our team of world class professionals. Our rapid growth has created many exciting career opportunities throughout our global platform. We offer a thriving, team-building environment that fosters mutual respect, leadership and innovation.


We are looking for people who share our commitment to excellence, our passion for client service and our abiding interest in commercial real estate. We are looking for people who want to work with the best colleagues and most exciting clients in the real estate industry. If you are ambitious, motivated and driven to succeed, we'd like to hear from you.



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IOC® Realty Specialist
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Commercial
    Property Management

    Do you have an under performing Property?

    IOC® provides property management for our clients. We are skilled at taking under performing real estate properties and turning them around to increase our client's cash flow. If you have real estate properties that would benefit from our "hands-on" IOC® property management program, please phone us at 1-402-734-5500 or contact us at  

    Property Management.
    We view IOC® property management as an opportunity to create value and stability in the client's real estate investments. We are adept at identifying the issues causing under performance of the property. We resolve those issues, which range from smoothly solving current tenants issues for tenant retention, to reviewing the roster of tenants and reviewing tenants by treating each properties unique issue. We study the buildings, common areas, landscaping, vendors, and service contracts. We then suggest to the owner different alternatives to achieve higher returns and thus greater cash flow on their managed IOC® properties. Our goal is to have the properties assigned to us maximizing returns on investment through cost efficient management.
      Our IOC® Property Management system consistently generates:
    • Positive Cash Flow - often exceeding owner's expectations
    • Rapid Return On Investment (ROI)
    • Appreciated property Market Values - the primary goal of cash return!
    • Low vacancy rates
    • High tenant retention rates through building tenant relationships and immediate problem resolution
    • Local site management and ongoing investment performance oversight
    IOC® specializes in identifying and turning around distressed or mismanaged properties. We are skilled at identifying strategies and executing plans that take into account property "personalities" - the unique tenants, issues and needs of each property. We have developed a IOC® property management "system" that leverages decades of property management expertise with a "hands-on" philosophy.
  • IOC®Realty Specialist Inc., hereinafter called IOC®

    Franchisor Corporations want to:

    You can place the sale of your Franchise Investment Property for Investors with IOC®


    What can IOC® PDIF! tool do to improve bank CRE Lending by requiring your lending officers to us the PDIF Educational Tool towards lending to prevent losses!

    IOC® Realty Specialist Inc., operates as a real estate services provider in CRE lending. IOC® operates through four business lines: Transaction Advisory, Consultancy, Property Facilities Management, and Investment Management.


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    What is ... Real Estate Portfolio Manager?

    IOC® Realty Specialist Inc., will review the Real Estate Portfolio in a revolutionary new way of managing all components of a real estate portfolio. IOC® user-friendly, Web-based technology solution stores and connects all information associated with a specific real estate property or project within a central repository data files, keeping it more oragnized than in traditional, paper-based system, while giving authorized users easy access to effectively utilize the information. The right information contributes to good decision-making, and the ability to take advantage of opportunities, while saving you time and money.

    Real Estate Portfolio Manager is the first complete solution to manage all components of the real estate portfolio, including property, contract and project management. Whether you own only a few pieces of real estate, or manage a global, enterprise-sized organization, Real Estate Portfolio Manager will help you to optimize your opportunities, and proactively manage your portfolio – from acquisition through divestiture. Why do you need Real Estate Portfolio Manager?

    Property Manager?

    IOC® Property Manager keeps track of everything related to your property portfolio, and puts it at the fingertips of those who need the information. Powerful work flow engines optimize the business processes. When this comes together, your business becomes more effective, you control costs and can take advantage of every opportunity. Both tactical and strategic aspects of portfolio management and decision making become reality. Portfolio managers who need a flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use solution should consider Real Estate Portfolio Manager. Unlike other products which offer only a tenant based view with minimal functionality and little regard to the needs of real estate professionals, or niche applications which only address a small set of needs, Real Estate Portfolio Manager offers you everything you need to manage portfolios of all sizes, located anywhere in the world. Real Estate Portfolio Manager offers three main product areas – property management, contract management, and project management. All three are integral components of the product and include a comprehensive financial management overlay that provides effective cost management functionality.

    Property Management?

    Property Management - Manage all your property information in a common repository. Lease or rental contracts, titles, insurance policies, land use restrictions or regulations, association overlays, access rights, and environmental reports are all there, but it can also include Web-based links to other organizations involved with the property, audio/visual media clips, CAD graphical representations, and a host of other types of information

    Contract Management - Create custom or apply contract templates, track and manage contracts associated with other processes (such as maintenance, procurement, and projects), and manage contract options, condition, clauses and warranties to ensure that opportunities are met in a timely manner. Calculate rent per property or by user defined groups of properties. Do term management, common area management, pro-rata share calculations, multiple lease-year contracts, insurance, taxes, building services, alterations or improvements to the property, loan financing information and much more

    IOC® ,Project Management - Site selection, lease evaluation, and purchase options are easily managed. The "Virtual Team Room" included with the product provides an environment where all information can be viewed and modified by team members

    Best of all, Real Estate Portfolio Manager is delivery in an ASP model hosted by Peregrine allowing you to implement quickly and with minimal start-up costs. All you need is an internet browser – and the power of Real Estate Portfolio Manager is yours.

    IOC® Realty Specialist Inc., operates as a real estate services provider. It advises on commercial, rural, residential, and leisure property; and provides corporate finance advice, investment management, and a range of property related financial services. The company operates through four business lines: Transaction Advisory, Consultancy, Property and Facilities Management, and Investment Management.

    The Transaction Advisory business line offers commercial, residential, leisure, and agricultural agency services, as well as investment advice on purchases and sales. It provides services in the areas of acquisitions, divestments, leasing and rentals, sales and lease back, and capital raising.

    The Consultancy business line offers various professional property services, including valuation, building and housing consultancy, environmental consultancy, landlord and tenant, rating, development, planning, strategic projects, corporate services, and research, as well as affordable housing and student accommodation, capital allowances and rating development, lease consultancy, and public sector services.

    The Property and Facilities Management business line manages commercial, residential, leisure, and agricultural properties for owners; and provides various comprehensive services to occupiers of property, ranging from strategic advice through project management to various services relating to a property.

    The Investment Management business line is involved in the investment management of commercial and residential property portfolios for institutional, corporate, or private investors, on a pooled or segregated account basis.

    If your investment is failing, then, IOC® maybe able to help that investment.!

    If you would like to use the IOC® "PDIF" Analysis!
    Property Data Investment Form

    Each day you can receive any new advertisements with analysis that are available on many of featured
    properties upon e-mail request, including help with your video or line advertisement with expert brokerage services to get your investment to sell or lease in the market place.

    Property Management for Industrial Office Commercial. However, Show/List Your Property Here - SAVES $ $ Corporate office in Omaha, Nebraska, IOC® Industrial Office Commercial Realty -real estate- for Investors and Businesses. As one of the most renowned and well-respected full service brokerage companies, we have a reputation for integrity, knowledge and teamwork to get the results you deserve.

    Let the IOC® Team assist you in all your real estate and business sales endeavors. Our real estate services includes Commercial, Industrial and Office sales and leasing, homes for sale, property management, association management, land and farm sales, property investments, and can council you regarding real estate auctions and land auctions. Our business group sector offers experienced business brokers who can assist you in selling a business or buying a business.

    Please feel free to tour our site and find an IOC® Licensee and a complete list of our properties, a new business, the perfect Industrial, Office or Commercial space, your dream home or an experienced professional Real Estate Licensee to guide you through the process. Look no further than IOC® Realty, Business Group and Brokers for all your real estate and business sales marketing, and tools that you will need for your investments!

    If you would like to use the IOC® "PDIF" Analysis!
    Property Data Investment Form

    Work more effectively with PDIF! by IOC®, the #1 realty assistant with contact, customer manager and property data for sales and investments.

    What can IOC® PDIF! help you do?

    • Internet based "in the Cloud" to keeping your important relationship details for quick, organized access to the information you need.
    • Get up-to-speed quickly and remain productive because PDIF! provides you with an intuitive interface, making it easy to learn and use.
    • Find the exact relationship details you need instantly using powerful search capabilities in an easy-to-use format.
    • Manage your daily responsibilities by scheduling and tracking activities within PDIF! so important calls, meetings, and to-dos are not overlooked.
    • Communicate consistently and successfully so you are always top of mind with your prospects and customers.
    • Gain instant insight into the performance of your business using PDIF List and reports for more informed decision making.
    • Easily customize PDIF! to fit your unique business requirements and ensure you are capturing the exact data you require.
    • Remotely access relationship details, along with your schedule, for the information you need, when and where you need it.
    • Integrate PDIF! with applications you use every day, including Microsoft® Office, Lotus and popular solutions, to work the way in which you are accustomed.

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