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Bernard M. Tompkins, IOCŪ

See his background! IOCŪ Trademark Licensee !

You are a select group entitled to receive this very special offer to us the IOCŪ Trademarks by paying a yearly licensing fee. You've earned it by virtue of your interest and education in the IOCŪ -Industrial, Office and Commercial- Real Estate Industry, and your having achieved the status of a Licensed Real Estate holder in your state and country. You can take advantage of it. Starting right now.being Licensed as a IOCŪ Trademark user.

Through your IOCŪ Trademark , the marketing of yourself should improve greatly with more special identity throughout the general public acknowledging the services you offer as an Independent Contractor (being in business for yourself even though you display your license with -XYZ- company).

And, when you change companies you take your trademark with you - it is yours as long as you keep your trademark license current with your yearly fee.

This can be an excellent way to increase your business as a Licensed Broker or Salesperson .

IOCŪ has decided to make these Trademark logos and designs for (marketing tools) available to (you) the individual's that recognize their potential in this industry. IOCŪ Trademark will help you in forging new relationships.

Thank you for reading this

offer and many more sales $ $... $ ... in your pocket.

To become an IOCŪ Trademark Licensee !