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    Why Have The IOC® or A Licensed Trademark?    


You Have A State Real Estate License & What Does It Do For You? It allows you to collect a real estate Fee
-commission- but how do you get to collecting the commission $ $ $!

How Long Will You Be In the Commercial, Office and Industrial Business?
-Having the trademarks and tools will help you last longer than two to five years !

Generate NEW Prospects ! Do you generate enough NEW prospects for yourself? The IOC® "PDIF" Tool or A Licensed Trademark will help you in your career!

Helps You Respond and Work HOT Prospects Fast ! You track and manage leads with the IOC® "PDIF" Tool! *** SAMPLE ***

Cultivate Long Term Prospects How often do you market to long term prospects? Certain trademarks & tools help prospects remember you!

Trademarks will increase sales and give you identity to get the Sellers and Buyers, therefore, you must have the IOC® Trademark that will move you ahead with your marketing plan.

Trademarks are hard to obtain just ask anyone who has a Federal Registered Trademark.
Here is your opportunity to have a Trademark an IOC® Trademark - you will be licensed to use it without costing you thousands of dollars. License this IOC® Trademark for one year and improve your marketing..

Congrats to those who purchased a "license" to use the IOC® Trademarks to increased their contacts with Sellers and Buyers for a percentage gain of their market.

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Your Yearly Subscription to those who consider this IOC® Trademark not working for them as a Real Estate Licensee Cancel your yearly subscription via Paypal.

    Chained To Your Desk?    Your Computer Does Not Track Clients & Properties?


Oops You find yourself chained to your desk following up on pipeline prospects that never seem to be able to make a decision. Get a Trademark that will help you in your career!

Wow You are frustrated with endlessly trying to motivate your self to actively generate new clients instead of simply maintaining existing clients. in your market. Have access to IOC® marketing tools - SAMPLE


Get a head if you're not seeing substantial results from the time and effort invested into your sales efforts.


Discover a system of quantification that effectively targets your buyer's motives for making a buying decision.


IOC® to help build effective strategies that set you apart from the competition in the mind of the prospect, causing the prospect to have you represent those deals. using your services to manage, sell or help them purchase their investment.

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Sales People
You are now starting or in the business for years? What is your mission statement.

IOC® Mission Statement We’ll act as your in-house marketing Group and your constant advocate, making every IOC® marketing decision in your best interest. That’s how the IOC® Trademark consistently meets — and exceeds — the expectations of our Trademark Licensee with the use of the IOC® Trademark it will increase the real estate marketing of you or your Buyers and Seller to the investing public.

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to salespeople and be licensed to use the IOC ® trademark

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Selling, Buying, Leasing, Investing, needing Management or an Appraisal of property contact an IOC® Network Member in your area who will represent you or your corporation to have these services.

Our Member Trademark Licensees are: a solid reputation that is built on the highest levels of education, integrity and
trustworthness combined with an obsession for superior service.

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